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About The Bike Lab

Jim Yurek, owner and operator, started The Bike Lab in 2019 with the loving help and support of his family. Jim is an avid mountain biker who rides nearly every day for leisure and exercise in the parks near his Plum Borough home. Favorite bike destinations are Pleasant Valley Park, Boyce Park and Seven Springs Mountain Resort although he has rode his bike in places across the country from San Diego to Tampa. Nationally, his favorite biking spots are Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Colorado.


The occasional road warrior too, Jim’s wife says he is most comfortable when he’s on two wheels. He also enjoys Sunday rails-to-trails rides with his family in the summer. Most of those rides end with a milkshake at Burgatory (don’t judge). His son, Tyler, is a competitive mountain biker on the Pittsburgh Interscholastic Cycling League circuit. Mountain biking runs in the family.


Wondering where The Bike Lab name comes from? That’s easy – look no further than Oscar and Tucker. The Yureks are the proud fur-family of Oscar, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, and Tucker, a yellow Labrador Retriever. They are constant, active companions of the family who relish time on the mountain bike trails. Noses buried in the brush, their favorite outings are leading Jim on his mountain bike through the woods of western Pennsylvania. They can often be found lazily lounging around his shop as he’s working on customers’ bikes.


That’s us; plain and simple.


Want your “baby” to be in very good hands with someone who understands bike mechanics, good communication and customer service and loves this sport as much as you do? Good, you’re in the right place. Call or email The Bike Lab.