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Serving the Veterans of Western Pennsylvania Since 2022

Battles To Bikes

Engaging our local communities in supporting and fulfilling the lives of veterans by providing them the freedom of two-wheeled therapy.


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Upcoming Events

                                              Group rides are coming for 2023, stay tuned!!



Group Rides Sponsored By The Bike Lab 2023 



Definition: verb: To give or supply in common with others; give to a common fund or for a common purpose.

Battles To Bikes has many ways in which you can contribute.  

Starting something new can be hard. Very hard. Especially for our Veterans who are challenged with making a successful transition to civilian life. That’s why we started Battles To Bikes. To contribute to them, to make things just a bit easier. A little contribution can make a great difference. Here are some ways that you can contribute to our mission.

VOLUNTEER: It takes many hands to run a successful organization. You can help! We are always in need of volunteers to help us run our donation-based coffee shop, BattleGround Coffee. Or you could consider supporting some of our upcoming events. Reach us at [email protected] for more info. 

DONATE: Monetary contributions are a valuable resource for all non-profits. They keep the lights on and provide critical support to the mission. Donations to Battles To Bikes can be accepted via PayPal using the link below:


Donate to Battle to Bikes with PayPal

Our Board of Directors

President: Jim Yurek 

Vice-President: Jim Yauger

Secretary: Mary Susan Yurek

Treasurer: Craig Codeluppi

Member: Jill Jenkins 

Advisor: Drew Slaugenhaupt